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The challenge, How to do it right?

In this informative FREE downloadable PDF guide, you’ll discover:
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  • Where to start
  • What research to do
  • What to consider
  • and much more!


Congratulations and welcome to the custom self-build community!
By reading this guide the chances are that you are willing to take responsibility for
procuring your own home. You may own a building plot, or are contemplating buying one.
Custom self-build homes offer a great opportunity to make your mark and addresses the
demands of modern day living.
Why have I written this series of non-technical guides? Few people appreciate just how
complex building construction is – that is until they actually get stuck in and begin
reviewing an endless number of options, negotiating building regulations, addressing
planning restrictions, working with building contractors, liaising with building inspectors,
……the list goes on…. and on…..


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Building a New Home Guide
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Our design process is our advantage. With the experience of over 300 projects, an intimate understanding of the permit process and municipal approvals, and a wealth of building construction knowledge, S R Architecture will ensure that your project – from start to finish – will be handled with confidence and efficiency. We promise a full service experience.

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No matter what the size or complexity of your project, we will provide a turnkey approach to maximize your take home investment. We treat our client’s investment as if it were our own; this is the key to our success.


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