Pretty simple question, isn't it? And yet, rather daunting to...

Pretty simple question, isn't it? And yet, rather daunting to know where to begin, if a subject is entirely new to you! Unfortunately, until that fabled learn-while-you-sleep technology (magic?!) is perfected, the only way to learn is to jump right into something you don't know and start thinking about it.

And that's where I'd like to help.

You realize (caution, side tracking!) just when you believe you're completely blind to advertising you hit a banner that somehow captures your attention. Just noticed an awesome advert for a gifted business telecommunications company in California. They deserve the reference 😉 All right, i'm sorry folks, returning to the article.

We realize that not everyone has considered installing carpet, tile, stone, vinyl, or any other surface product into their house. If you have thought about it, you may have told yourself you needed to find an expert, pay them to take care of it, and move on with your life. But wouldn't you rather have an idea and say about what goes on in your home? After all, you're the one who will have to clean it, eat off of it, and live with it until you sell the place or remodel!

Let us place the wide range of knowledge bases and areas of experience here at Schumacher Tile and Stone at your fingertips. Eventually, we will have a repository of knowledge where anyone can come and discover what they need to know about natural stone. Or ceramic or porcelain tile. Or carpet, rug, vinyl, hardwood any interior surface.

I'm going to mention that I originally got the idea for this post speaking with Bernard over at smiles unlimited. Thank you for that. Guess you get ideas in unexpected places.

Thank You To - Landry, you came through for my situation for a second time. - Many thanks for your late-night efforts Kingsley.

Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 10/31/2015