Tropical Decorating Ideas

If you find it hard to spare the time for a holiday to places with white, sandy beaches and warm to hot sunny weather, why not bring all these to you instead? You can give your house a makeover that would give you the feel of a tropical haven.

You would need more than just lush potted plants for this home improvement project. You would have to remove rugs and carpets so you can incorporate as much natural products in your decorations. Replace thick drapes with bamboo blinds or sisal window treatments. The idea is to let the sunshine in but at a minimum.

The next thing is to go for wicker furniture. But if you are short on budget, you can simply adorn your tables with woven baskets and bowls. Substitute synthetic throw pillows with those made of batik. For your shelves, place accessories that are made of either copper or brass. A candle stick made of either material is a good example. You can also add straw hats and fans to your interior decor.

Statues of elephants, monkeys and other animals can also lend a tropical effect to your space. Pick those that come in colorful and festive designs. You can place them next to potted palms.

Once you have completed these home decorating tasks, all you need is to imagine the sound of waves and you are in your very own tropical paradise.

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