Your back splash tile

Your back splash tile does not have to be boring. Use Beveled Arabesque ceramic tile to break up the rest of the room. Its unique shape is more aesthetically pleasing than traditional subway tile. By adding Beveled Arabesque, you can transform the look of the entire room. These subtle and delicate additions to the back splash will make the entire room look more beautiful.

    • Add an Ornate Character

Use Beveled Arabesque as an accent to gently add a touch of elegance to a room without overpowering it. You can place it in the kitchen, bathroom, or even around the fireplace for a delicate and ornate decorative complement to your current style. Beveled Arabesque tile is understatedly beautiful.

    • Incorporate A Bit of Color

Beveled Arabesque glazed ceramic tile is available in some stunning neutral shades that instantly improve the decor of any space. Choose traditional white and ivory for a classic touch of beauty. You can also get Chocoholic, Paris Nights, Sun Kissed Moroccan, and Up in Smoke. These deep blues and browns give your home a Middle Eastern flare. The beauty and grace of the Beveled Arabesque makes it look like some of the most extravagant flooring material available.

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