How To Make Your Own Solar Panels

In case you have previously explored the cost of commercial solar energy panels you we're perhaps put off by how high priced they are. But producing your own personal solar panel products is unexpectedly more inexpensive and easier than you've probably heard. No specific knowledge are required. All you need will be the components and several common tools. Providing you actually don't mind doing Do-it-yourself then this may be a possibility which may interest you. Theres not much variance when it comes to effectiveness between any cheap solar panels you make your self and one which has been assembled commercially. The most significant variation is the total price.

A solar power panel is almost nothing more than a collection of photo voltaic cells which have been connected alongside one another. This is housed within a wooden box that has a plexiglass cover to be able to guard it from the elements. This also makes set up and maintaining a lot easier. The solar energy cells can't be made on your own and these will be the greatest expense. You will have to spend money on these, though the secret is to buy these slightly spoiled or blemished. This won't have a substantial affect on their performance however it will considerably keep the actual costs lower. You need search no further than eBay with regard to sourcing the actual solar power cells you need for you to construct your solar energy panels.

Thirty six approximately of these types of solar power cells is a very good quantity for assembling with each other to manufacture a solar power electrical. This can make close to 18v of electricity; therefore quite a few panels have to be created to produce energy sufficient to power your household. But at the expense of $100-200 for every solar panel it's definitely not likely to cost much more than a couple of thousand dollars. This measures up to several tens of thousands of dollars with regard to commercial solar power panels in addition to having them set up.

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Once you have created an array of solar energy cells the next thing is to bracket all of them inside the wooden cases. The lumber can be cut for you to the right size at the store together with the plexiglass tops. The photovoltaic cells will be the most costly component of the solar power electrical panel and you will definitely also have to purchases several electric batteries in order to keep the electrical power.

Besides that just about all your will need in order to make solar panels are a few commonplace tools plus some low-priced components such as screws, electrical fittings along with copper wire. The ideal place to start is to get hold of a thoroughly tested solar panel design and construct that according to the instructions. For this I would suggest the Earth For Energy how to manual that will walks you step-by-step through the whole procedure for making the panels in addition to installing them.

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