Overloaded outlets-the most common sources of electrical fires

One of the most common sources of electrical fires is overloaded outlets. It is common for a home to have at least one outlet that is under too much stress. For example, take the outlet behind a home's entertainment center. It may be used to power a large television, a gaming console, a DVD player, and a sound system all at the same time. Because of the sheer number of accessories and gadgets on the market today, homeowners have a tendency to be over-reliant on a single outlet. Although most outlets have circuit breakers that are supposed to trigger when there is an excessive demand for current, these breakers are not always reliable and overloaded outlets can lead to fires.

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Incorrect Light Bulb Use

Lamps and other lighting sources also tend to be major causes of electrical fires. There are two problems that lamps can present. First, every lamp comes with a recommended light bulb. Using a different kind of bulb can lead to problems, including overheating. It is also necessary to place the bulb into the lamp correctly. If you fail to screw in your light bulbs properly, a loose bulb may overheat and fall off of the lamp, leading to a fire hazard.

The issues listed above are just some of the many causes of electrical fires. Fortunately, with a bit of understanding and the help of a professional electrician, you can eliminate fire hazards throughout your home and dramatically decrease the chance of an electrical fire. If you'd like to talk to one of our electricians about preventing electrical fires, call Riverside's Mister Sparky at (951) 602-5198.

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