The Advantages of Installing or Retro-fitting Double Glazed Windows

It is quite easy for families to excessively use heating systems in their home in the colder months everyone wants to retain heat inside so that their home is warm and comfortable. But the excessive heat usage can make your energy bill skyrocket by up to 40%! Luckily, there is a solution to preventing your energy bills dramatically increasing the answer is double glazed windows.

There are five main ways that your home loses it's heat windows are one of these, as you can lose around 25% of heat through singled paned windows. It is well-known that double glazing your windows is a great option for making your home cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. This double-glazed window is made from two sheets of glass being sealed together with a gap of air in between this creates effective insulation.

You can double glaze your home by either retro-fitting them onto existing windows, or installed into newly built home. Double glazing your home has more than just the benefit of added insulation you also get the benefits of added security and reduced noise.

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Did you know that double glazing your home can help prevent your house from getting broken in to? Because windows are the main point of entry for an intruder, your double glazed windows provide additional security. The two panels of glass make it very hard to break into causing a potential burglar to be scared away from the extra time taken to enter the house.

Did you know that you can reduce noise by around 80% with double glazed windows? There is a range of noises outside that has the potential to annoy the people in your home, but by double glazing your home, you can reduce the outdoor noise to make your home more peaceful and comfortable.

To reap all of these benefits, contact a certified tradesman to install or retro-fit double glazed windows into your home.

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Posted in Home Improvement Post Date 10/21/2015