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Are you having unexpected frustrations with the design 
or planning for your new project?

Do you struggle at envisioning the end results, or need help finding solutions for your projects wish list?

If you are daunted by the approval process, or have answered yes to any of these questions, don’t worry we can help!

Commercial Design

Since 2003, S R Architecture has been designing elegant spaces in the GTA area. With a focus exclusively on modern commercial design. We are experts in a variety of project types—from automotive, hospitality, retail and restaurant renovations and new builds. Our work has won the hearts of our clients over the years by providing creative and custom design solutions.

Our like-minded team collectively offer decades of hands-on design and construction experience, as well as a common ethos: we believe a building should reflect its occupants, and its design should develop from an appreciation for and an understanding of its site. Using an efficient combination of hand-drawing and our office’s state-of-the-art software, we help our clients envision their home even before construction begins.

Additions and Renovations

When working with 50+ year old buildings it is important to understand their construction methods used at that time. It is equally important to renovate and construct new additions that will not only complement the existing Architecture, but merge seamlessly into it. We specialize in understanding what it takes to complete these sensitive projects with care and attention to detail.

From downtown infill sites to single-family homes in historic neighborhoods, we take on projects big and small.

Transforming your interior or exterior space and design? Or updating your exterior landscape area? We deliver Retrofit and Renovation Projects on time, paying close attention to our clients’ budgets.

City approvals

If you are looking for a professional to overcome the city’s various legal hoops and red tape to approvals success, then look no further, S R Architecture is your city approval expert!

With countless site plan approval, OPA & ZBA, committee of adjustment, urban forestry and city-wide approval successes under our belt, we know what it takes to efficiently get through these processes. We have become experts when dealing with the city’s many daunting approval processes, and enjoy taking this burden from our clients.

Want to learn more about how S R Architecture can help with your upcoming project?

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About S R Architecture

We provide a ‘detailed orientated’ service that is incomparable with other local firms,
We truly take the time to understand your needs and desires,
We love what we do, and it shows in our work.

We at S R Architecture specialize in commercial, custom homes, renovations and additions. We have over 10 years of guiding our clients’ remodels, new construction, and preservation projects smoothly and efficiently through the city’s various hoops and red tape to approval success.

If you have a home renovation or addition project and live in southern Ontario, contact us today to discuss your needs and discover that building doesn’t need to be a hassle.

7 Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating

Undertaking major renovations is a bit like carrying out an open-heart surgery. Everything is exposed, there are wires and tubes, details to remember to put back together correctly and making sure everything is neatly stitched up at the end. As Architectural Consultants, clients have often contacted us, when they have attempted renovations themselves or as a measure to save money have hired non-qualified professionals to do the work. Sadly so, to the detriment of the end result: i.e. a poorly executed renovation to an otherwise wonderful house, costing additional time, effort and money to put to rights, rather than getting it right from the start. Deciding to renovate is a big financial, emotional and time-consuming investment. Make sure you have done the research, before you start digging…

Design Brief Guide

Renovating a house can and should be really exciting. However too often we hear stories of clients not having their needs heard, misunderstandings between the contractor, the client and the architect on what was the agreed scope, and how much was allowed for in the contract.
I have decided to do something about it.
It all comes down to the brief
If the brief is not clear, the architectural consultant and the follow on through to the contractor and all his associated trades people will be compromised.
They will struggle to understand what it is they need to allow for in the pricing of your project.
Really think about your brief and consider all aspects of it.

Great, lets get started…

Design Dose

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Hi Jesse, I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work to date on our families cottage project. Your effort and patience are commendable. It has been a real pleasure dealing with you.

You have acted both professionally and reasonable understanding the nature of this project and how important it is to our family. Your design implementation of our vision was spot on and although difficult in dealing with multiple clients for this one project you have captured all that was desired and then some. I believe your involvement with our project has been invaluable and without all your hard work and effort we could have never gotten to this point.

Thank you for all your efforts. I would gladly recommend you and your firm to any potential client and would work with you again without any hesitation on a future project.


Eugene Zigelman

I had the good fortune to meet Jesse Wilson on a project tender for a home addition. I was presented with a full set of architectural plans at the initial consultation with the Home Owner (which is a contractors dream). The quality of the plans and details provided made my job easier, allowing me to accurately estimate costs thus enabling me to put forward a confidently competitive bid.

It was without hesitation that I called Jesse shortly after to discuss his interest to work on future endeavours with Royal Home Improvements. Having now worked with Jesse on a number of projects I’ve become even more of a fan; He is not only a great designer, but his attention to details is only surpassed by the commitment and focus he puts forth to his clients, both the home owner and contractor. He is a true professional and always responds quickly without delay or hesitation.

aric bagshaw

Aric Bagshaw, Project Manager

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